How to participate in IOSTarter

4 min readJul 9, 2021


Two weeks ago, Donnie Finance has announced the launch of IOSTarter, the First IDO launchpad on IOST. We’ve received high volume of request for IOSTarter, and we are in review for projects to raise liquidity in IOSTarter.

Now, Donnie Finance has officially updated and launched IOSTarter on

Each IDO will have Two IDO Pools; Standard and Premium.

  • Standard : Lower Min/Max Purchase Limit to people who own less IDO Ticket.
  • Premium : Higher Min/Max Purchase Limit to people who own more IDO Ticket.

To participate in IOSTarter launchpad, there are few steps that users must do

[IDO Process]

1. Ticket Purchase

You must have IDO Ticket to participate in IDO. To acquire Ticket, you must stake DON, BLY, or LP Tokens.

1 IDO Ticket = xxx Token has different ratio for each Ticket Pool.

You must return IDO Ticket to unstake and receive what you’ve staked.

[More Tickets More Chance to Win, More Tickets More Token to Buy]

Multiplier (Weights) will be applied to the possibility to be whitelisted, if you own more tickets. Details of Multipliers can be found on IDO Page.

Not just multiplier when you have more Tickets, You will also be able to participate in Premium Launchpad. Premium Launchpad will have higher Min/Max Purchase Limits, and more Pools available for IDO.

2. Whitelist Survey

You must complete Whitelist Survey to be whitelisted. To complete, you must follow, RT Launchpad’s project Twitter, Join Telegram, Read Terms&Conditions, and submit IOST Wallet Address.

We will check and match Survey answers to Whitelist KYC information. If no survey, you may lose your winner ticket.

3. Whitelist Draw

When Whitelist Draw is open, you must Apply for Whitelist Draw. All Tickets you own will be used for Ticket Draw. If you own 50 Tickets, x1.2 Multipliers will apply, 60 Tickets will be entered for Ticket Draw. Each account can win only 1 ticket per IDO.

Once, Running Time is over, contract will automatically draw Winning Tickets.

If you are selected, you will see Green_Winning Message to complete KYC.

If not, you will see Blue_Failed Message

Even if you are selected as Whitelisted Account, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to participate in IDO. You must complete next procedure. Now, It’s all about First Come, First Serve.

4. KYC

You must submit KYC information once Whitelisted. Few countries are forbidden to participate in IOSTarter. Any fake Passport, or forbidden countries, incorrect photo direction will be rejected.

KYC process will take 1 business day. You must submit within the timeline.




Once you have completed Whitelist Survey, Draw, KYC, You will see JOIN IDO Activated.

Then, you will be able to purchase IDO Token with IOST.

Depending on Standard or Premium, Minimum purchase and Maximum purchase limit will vary.

Tokens are available to First-come First-serve. Even if you’ve completed whitelist, Token could be sold out before you join IDO.

Hurry to Join IDO


Once, IDO Token is ready to be distributed and LP is added on Donnie DEX, it will be activated with announcement.

For More Information, Please contact our official community below.

[Donnie Finance(DON)’s Official Community]




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