Donnie Finance and IOST: Announcing DON Airdrop for IOST Holders

2 min readFeb 5, 2021

Donnie Finance started in 2020, the year of the decentralized finance or ‘DeFi.’ It has exploded in popularity with new cryptocurrencies like UMA, COMP, UNI, CREAM, and More. Since the beginning, Donnie Team has been focusing on research of DeFi/Financial services and building its own product. IOST, ranked as one of the top of CCID China, and Ezfarm, blockchain technology firm in Korea, has been working together and to build Decentralized Total Financial Service Provider, Donnie Finance.

ANNOUNCE the DON Token airdrop for IOST hodlers.

As we are running toward the launch of the first Service, ‘Checking and Saving,’ IOST and Donnie Team have decided to airdrop DON Token to IOST hodlers to make Donnie’s products widely experienced and to celebrate the launch of the first service.

Airdrop will be conducted on exchanges that IOST is listed. IOST is currently listed on most of the major exchanges including Binance, Huobi, OKex, Bithumb, Upbit, and more. The list of the participating exchanges will be updated Soon.

Details of the Airdrop and Snapshot

Exchanges : To Be Announced

DON snapshot date : 2021.02.25 (Thur) 16:00 (GMT+8) snapshot will be taken first block created after Feb 25 16:00 (GMT+8)

Distribution : Airdrop will be distributed within a week from the snapshot date. (The exact date of distribution may vary from exchanges).

Don Token Contract : Contract5ndTHiqRRPWnT5wBFhQ9bthhueT9LVFnuGgGEVfmVRb8

****All ERC20 DON Token will be swapped to IRC20 DON Token. Swap will be available through Donnie Website. Only ERC20 Token unlocked are 5% of DON Token, which was given to Private Investors. It is currently listed on Coinone, one of the largest exchanges in Korea. Ultimately, only tokens on the market will be IRC20 DON Token in the near future.

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