Yokozuna Finance x Donnie Finance

ZUNA — HUSD Trading Pairs is available on Donnie Finance

Checking & Savings of ZUNA HUSD LP Token will be open Jan. 12th (Wednesday) 9:00 AM KST (+9 UTC)

EARN DON Token by staking ZUNA-HUSD LP.

Also, you can trade…

Vee.Finance x Donnie.Finance

As a strategic partner, Donnie.finance is expanding its business into DeFi Lending platform. Vee.finance team is strongly focused on solving problems of Lending protocols and launched Vee V2 on Avalanche Network. Donnie.Finance will be working closely with Vee.finance to build a…

Your Metaverse, Your NFT, Brought to You By WITCH


Witchwitch is our first location-based social media platform where…

Two weeks ago, Donnie Finance has announced the launch of IOSTarter, the First IDO launchpad on IOST. We’ve received high volume of request for IOSTarter, and we are in review for projects to raise liquidity in IOSTarter.

Now, Donnie Finance has officially updated and launched IOSTarter on Donnie.finance.

Each IDO…

We are pleased to announce new updates to Donnie.Finance.

Total Value Locked (TVL) with Donnie.finance has been increasing rapidly over 20M USD in first week of the launch.

Now we are expending our service to the DEX on IOST. Donnie finance not only support IOST based tokens, but also Binance…

9 March 2021, Donnie Finance successfully launched its first service, ‘Checking & Saving.’ Within the first minute, we saw Total Value Locked (TVL) increase over 2 million USD worth of IOST, DON, HUSD, PPT participate in our service.

Thank you for all your supports, special thanks to IOST Foundation, HUSD…

Welcome HUSD x IOST to Donnie Finance.

Now you can find HUSD and IOST on Donnie Finance. HUSD and IOST team will support our service as we develop Donnie Finance. Also, Donnie Finance will be adopting HUSD and IOST as the premier cryptocurrency to be used within the platform.

HUSD stable coin IRC21 Token is official integrated…

We are pleased to announce new partnership with Cobak, #1 crypto community platform in Korea.

As a strategic partner, we are aiming to enter Korean market and leverage its community users for global influences and public awareness of Donnie Finance. Cobak also recently announced the launch of Cobak Token (CBK) and its interest in DeFi. We are thrilled to be a partner with Cobak and looking forward to the collaboration.

About Cobak

Cobak has now become one of the top cryptocurrency platforms in Korea, with more than 300,000 users. Cobak provides wallets, airdrop, news, ticker check, token sales, and a lot more to its user base.

Also, Cobak is primarily recognized for its forum and online community. This is the community where projects, as well as investors, share their information and thoughts.


Save, Check, Invest, Borrow, and Leverage the Cryptoccurrency with Fully Decentralized Bank

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